Water Treatment

As an authorized EcoWater dealer, Burnett Plumbing experts work to diagnose your water problems and suggest eco-friendly water purification solutions. EcoWater offers water softeners, water refiners, drinking water systems, home water filtration systems and more.

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Cost Savings

Soft water lowers energy consumption by reducing scale build-up in hot water heaters, dishwashers and other water using appliances.

Eco Friendly

EcoWater Systems is the only water treatment manufacturer whose products are certified as carbon neutral.

Cleaning & Laundry

Installing a soft water system reduces build-up, spotting and hard-water residue on laundry, dishes, sinks, tubs and other fixtures.

Improved Drinking Water

EcoWater Systems improves the quality and taste of drinking water while reducing more than 95% of dissolved solids, including many harmful contaminants.

Health & Beauty

Water softeners and water filtration systems helps to diminish hard water residue on your hair, alleviates skin dryness and itchiness, and improves the water quality for cooking and washing.

An official EcoWater Dealer
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A utility room with an ecowater system filtration system and hot water heater.Happy family with an EcoWater system superimposed on the image.

Customer Testimonials

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"Fit us in to a busy schedule in less than a week, and were able to help us determine the best path forward for some pretty substantial plumbing issues on a recently purchased home. Even completed a repair that wasn't on the work order, giving us peace of mind. Readily answered a multitude of questions as we considered out best options. Looking forward to continuing to work with Burnett Plumbing Co."

K. Buch

"We used Burnett Plumbing while building our cabin. They were flexible in meeting our needs and telling us what would be best for the space we had. They listened to all our questions and answered them respectfully."

Nichole Larson

"I have worked with Burnett Plumbing for many years on 3 different cabins I own. They have always done excellent work, all their employees are extremely conscientious and professional, and unlike so many other places, are 100% reliable. I wouldn't think of calling anyone else!"

Douglas Beasley

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